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Our Story

Healthy Parents. Healthy Children.

Fresh Fuell
Family is what fuels us! Everyday we aim to be great parents, children, siblings, friends, and just good people.

Having 4 young children under the ages of 8, we know first hand how time consuming it can be, to ensure your children have healthy options to eat. Just making lunches for our 4 children for the day, takes us nearly 25 minutes every morning. Tack on the time it takes to make our own lunches. This is where Fresh FueLL was born. We figured that we couldn't be the only parents who were frustrated with the task of making lunches day in and day out. But sometimes the healthiest meals we can eat, are the ones we make at home.

Fun Facts

Smoothies Made
34 215
Wraps Wrapped
Salads Tossed
School Lunches
Healthy Customers
Fresh Fuell

We all need to be surrounded by Fresh, Healthy and Delicious food, in an Environment that Nurtures and Promotes Positive Energy! Fresh FueLL is that place! We want to help you save time by providing a place where you and your children can eat healthy. Our family welcomes YOU to come and FueLL up on Fresh!

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Monday - Friday:
07:30A - 7:00P
9:00A - 6:00P
11:00A - 4:00P

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146 Kent St. W (Lindsay)
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