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We offer School Lunches

Tired of Making School Lunches? Have your Child Pack their OWN!!!


Taxes and water included.

Sample School Fuell.

Fresh Fuell

We all need to be surrounded by Fresh, Healthy and Delicious food, in an Environment that Nurtures and Promotes Positive Energy! Fresh FueLL is that place! We want to help you save time by providing a place where you and your children can eat healthy. Our family welcomes YOU to come and FueLL up on Fresh!

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Monday - Friday:
07:30A - 7:00P
9:00A - 6:00P
11:00A - 4:00P

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Where to find us:
146 Kent St. W (Lindsay)
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We are taking orders between the hours of 9:00A and 1:00P.

If right now is within those times, order now!

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